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Frequently asked questions.

MP4 video format 🎥. We're working on adding support for more formats.

Video hosting is pricey 💸. We can't afford huge virtual space at the moment, so every megabyte counts. Apologies for the inconvenience.

We're working on it 💾. But we don't have an ETA yet.

Invites can take up to 24hrs to be processed. Did you check your spam box? If you didn't receive it, we might ran out of available slots. We're working on having more capacity, thanks for your patience!

We don't delete your clipps as long as you keep them away from your trash bin.

All clipps are public by default. However, you can protect the access from the privacy settings.

Negative. A modern web browser (chrome, brave, safari, edge, firefox, etc.) with javascript enabled is enough.

If you suspect that any content on Clipps is infringing upon a copyright that you own, please reach out to us at

We optimize clipps to deliver the best experience possible as soon as you upload them. This allow us to deliver optimized clipps faster in the future. Please trust the process. If you believe the clipp is stuck, contact support 🙌🏼

Additional questions? Drop us an email at, our support team will reach out!

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